Working Bernese & Aussies

The Bernese in Action

Donna and the tyre

Donna on the agility course

Ruddles Jumping

Ruddles completing an agility course

Tia working a Crufts

Tia carting at Crufts in 1995

Tia and Bailey with the Deadwood stagecoach

Tia and Bailey with the Stagecoach

Bailey on Starters jumping

Bailey completing starters jumping

Tia on a jumping course

Tia competing on a jumping course

Bailey on Starters jumping

Asti - Grade 2 Jumping Sept 2011

Tia on a jumping course

Remy - An excellent carting dog

Remy & Asti - Draft Dogs in Action
Remy and Asti Mum and Daughter working as a brace
Ruby - Swiss carting parade
Ruby Swiss carting parade - July 2010

Tolly and Asti with the Stagecoach
Tolly and Asti with the Stagecoach
Bear undergoing cart training
Bear undergoing cart training

The Aussies in Action

Jay at Agility

Jay in 'Starters Agility'

Rio in Tyre

Rio through the tyre

Rio Jumping

Rio on the jumping course

Jay in her cart

Jay in her cart (just like the Bernese)

Rio Obedience training

Rio obedience training

Jay a the Bath champ show

Jay at the Bath Championship show

Rio on the dog walk

Rio: Starters Agility April 2004

Jay Starters Agility 2004

Jay: Starters Jumping April 2004

Dixie - Grade 2 Jumping 2008

Dixie: Dixie - Grade 2 Agility 2008

Dixie - the Aussie draft dog

Dixie: Dixie a versatile Aussie

Rayna weaving at Kelluki

Rayna: Weaving at a Kelluki Agility Show

Rayna at Southdowns

Rayna: Completing at Southdowns

Kennel Club Good Citezen Scheme

Good Citizens

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Donna Aframe training

Donna Aframe training

Dog through the tunnel

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