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A Dog Ruddles and Jay Bailey & Bess

Hello, welcome to Bruce and Jean's Carabaz web site.
We live in Surrey (UK) with our dogs (Bernese and Aussies). Our interests include most working activities, ranging from Agility, Obedience, Showing and Carting. The middle picture above shows Ruddles *(Carabaz County) who used to love all working events, especially carting. During his life he attended many major carting events including:
Crufts, Festival of Bernese, Royal Show, Silver Jubilee, Contest of Champions, etc.
plus numerous country fairs, fetes and charity events. He was a credit to us and we are really missing him. The picture above shows Ruddles giving our Aussie (Jay) a ride in his 2 wheel cart (the cart was originally used on a farm in Switzerland, where it was used to take milk churns to the creamery).
*Ruddles (Carabaz County 24-3-89 / 18-9-98)
SIRE: Temeraire Tom Sawyer, DAM: Lirilee Angelika of Carabaz(Donna)

Calendar Photos - Photos from 2011

 It all started here:
 The picture on the right shows our beloved cross breed
 Alice with Lady (Foxy Lady of Carabaz) in 1986.
 Lady was our first Bernese Mountain Dog and how she
 changed our lives.
  (Lady was a litter sister to Donna - Ruddles mum).
Alice & Lady Summer 1986

 Then we had some more:
 The picture shows Lady, Alice and a young Ruddles.
 People did not warn us about the breed growing
 on us, but they did. Ruddles was born on Good
 Friday in 1989 to Donna who had 3 puppies.
  (Ruddles was the son of Donna, Lady was his aunty
  and Alice (aged 15 here) was a good friend to them all).
Lady, Alice and Ruddles

moving bar

 Then came the Aussies:
 The pictures on the right show our Blue
 Merle Jay with our Red Tri boy Rio.
 Jay is shown at 5 weeks old, she sometimes
 thinks she is a Bernese, and with her
 parents Sonny (dad) and Zee (mum).
 Rio (pup) is shown with dad Mario.
Jay as a baby Jay with Mum & Dad Rio with dad (Mario)

 Good with children:
 The pictures on the right shows two of
 our dogs with our granddaughter Lucy.
 Rio (Aussie) is excellent with all children and
 will roll on his back to have his tummy tickled.
 Remy (Bernese) is also good with all people,
 she is seen here checking that Lucy is OK.
Rio giving Lucy a kiss Remy keeping an eye on Lucy

 Good with children and puppies:
 The pictures on the right show our
 grandchildred twins with Remy's puppies.
 Lauren is seen making a fuss of the puppies
 with 4 of them saying hello to her.
 Luke is shown here with nick named puppy
 Spike, puppy Spike, mum Remy are just seen
 having a rest in the background.
Lauren saying hello to the puppies Luke with puppie Spike

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