Bear's Web Page

Carabaz Satch Boogie

7th January 2011 - 14th March 2021
Sire: Glamrock Ballroom Blitz by Glenbrienz
Dam: Shirdees Fantasy at Carabaz

Bear at Rest
Bear had many problems in his first year.
He had a soft palette defect which
needed surgery and had to miss many
cart and obedience training sessions.
He did improve in his second year and
took part in many working events and
even did a bit of showing.
He obtained a 2nd place in the post-
graduate class at Crufts in 2014.
Bear obtained a gold carting award
and many advanced medal places.
He also holds a silver good citizens
certificate. He was a people person and
especially enjoyed his time at Discover Dogs.
Rest now old friend we miss you lots.
Please see some of his event activities below.

Bear's final paw print

Bear as a puppy - please click for a larger view

Ruby and Bear
Bear with mum Ruby

Bear camping
Bear on a camping trip

Bear on the right
Bear (on the right) with Asti and Tolly

Bear in the Snow
Bear in the snow Feb 2012

Bear as as a adult dog - please click for a larger view

Ruby Swiss Cart Theme 2013
Bear carting at the Blue Ship 2013

Bear carting at Roade
Bear carting at Roade April 2014

Bear just being Bear
Bear just being himself in 2014

Bear 2nd Post-Graduate Dog Crufts 2014
Bear Crufts 2014

Bear and Sister Lottie in Scotland
Bear and Lottie carting in Scotland

Bear Happy Christmas
Bear Christmas at Ockham Common 2013

Bear at the Beach
Bear a day at the beach

Bear Carting Medal Award
Bear Carting Medal Award

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Bear - taking 2nd place (Post-Graduate Dog) Crufts 2014

Bear Line Up 2nd Place Crufts 2014

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