Tolly's Web Page

Carabaz Ice Nine

DOB: 7th January 2011

Sire: Glamrock Ballroom Blitz by Glenbrienz

Dam: Shirdees Fantasy at Carabaz

Tolly has progressed well especially within the working disciplines.
He has been obtaining places within obdience
classes working at beginners level.
He won puppy and junior classes within the show ring
His carting work is now starting to take of
and he has achieved his 'beginners cart certificate'.
His biggest achievement has been in obtaining the:
Gold Good Citizens Certificate (see below).

Early Pictures - please click for a larger view

Tolly growing up

Tolly at 4 months

Tolly and Bear

Tolly (left) with brother Bear

Tolly Feb 2012

Tolly - growing up (13 months)

Tolly in the snow

Tolly - Enjoying the snow Feb 2012

Some More Pictures of Tolly as he grows up

Tolly carting in Scotland

Tolly carting in Scotland

Tolly's Gold Good Citizen Certificate

Tolly's Gold Good Citizen Certificate

Tolly's Obedience Award 2013

Tolly's Obedience Award 2013

Tolly a day out at the beach

Tolly - Enjoying the seaside

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Ruby and Tolly

Tolly (on right) with mum Ruby

Tolly winner minor puppy dog class

Tolly winner of the minor puppy class - BMDC of Scotland 2011

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