Tia aged 8

(March 1992 - October 2001)

Tia came to us in May 1992. She came from Linda Szitkovics in Buckinghamshire and from an early age we knew that she would be a great dog. Nothing phased her, so she quickly got on with obedience and ring craft training, later she was introduced to the cart and she took to it immediately and finally agility. This was the start of a great working career, like Ruddles she took part in many carting events starting at Crufts in 1994. In 1995 she led one of the parade formations (see photo on the working page) which was held in both the special events ring and the main 'best in show' ring. Her carting improved over the years and she was the gold medal winner in 1999 and 2000. The background picture on this page shows Tia by the sea a month before she died. She enjoyed this holiday immensely and we never knew then that she would only be with us for another month. During her life the had two litters, one in March 1996 (which prevented her third Crufts appearance) from which we kept Bailey and Bess and one in June 1998 from which we kept Susie (our daughter and son-in-law kept Miller). Rest in peace old friend you have left a big hole and we miss you so much.

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