Susie's Web Page
Susie aged 3 years
Susie aged 5 years         Jay Susie and Morgan

The pictures above show Susie aged 3 and 5 years
and with her friends Jay(Aussie) and Morgan

(July 1998 to November 2009)

Sire:  Karchibach Prins Claus
Dam:   Karchibach Tia Maria of Carabaz

Susie was the daughter of Tia and litter sister of Miller (who livesd with our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren). Susie was a great character how had an excellent temperament. But unfortunately she had to undergo serious hip surgery when she was young (two TPO's) which meant that she could not compete in many working activities. However this did not stop her doing things, she obtained the Good Citizen's Gold Award and scored 'excellent' for her character assessment. Some of the judges comments for her character assessment were:
  • General Impression:   Impeccable
  • Reaction to Friendly Approach:  Very Stable
She was also able to do some obedience with great success. But best of all she loved to take part in novelty events and her favorite was the 'dog with the waggestist tail'. She was ideally suited for this as she was always wagging and she had a smashing long tail, with a big white tip, to go with this.
Bess out for a walk

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