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Ruddles son of Donna


(March 1989 - September 1998) Ruddles was a great working dog. He enjoyed obedience, agility and especially carting. He was the son of Donna and from an early age he showed a lot of potential for working events. As our introduction page states he took part in many special carting events and represented the breed on several occasions. He was our first dog to receive the 'Advanced Carting Certificate' and his biggest achievement came at the Festival of Bernese event in 1991 where he won the best carting theme and the overall carting dog prize. He was the best working dog at the GB club working day in 1992 (which he won with his mother Donna) and 1993. He was not a great show dog, but he did not need to be as his working side spoke for itself. He was liked by all children that joined him at the carting events and was featured in many press reports that covered the events. The background picture picture on this page has become the Carabaz logo and it shows Ruddles in his favourate cart (a converted hand cart). Happy carting old friend your name is still mentioned in many working circles.

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