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Ruby at 8 Weeks

Ruby at 8 weeks old

Ruby at 16 Weeks

Ruby at 4 months

Ruby at 4 years

Ruby at 4 years

Ruby "Best in Show" October 2010

Ruby Best in Show


28th July 2006/2nd July 2014

Sire:  Desulyn Guy Fawkes
Dam:   Ch Shirdees Star of Wonder

Ruby settled in well with the other dogs. She especially got on well with Asti
(we called them the ASBO twins).
Her temperament was second to none and she enjoyed both her showing and working activities. She has took to carting and attended many parades/fairs/charity events throughout the UK. She worked especially well with Asti as a brace pair - please see the picture below (Ruby is on the left with her friend Asti):

Ruby (on left) with Asti

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Ruby progressed well in the show ring. She had a stud book number and won best in show at the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Open Show in October 2010.
She also progressed well with her carting work and obtained an advanced cart certificate.

Ruby had her first litter in January 2011 consisting of 3 boys and 2 girls.

Goodbye old friend your time was to short but your memory lives on.

Ruby's final paw print


Ruby Pups January 2011     Ruby With Her Cart

Ruby with young son Bear     Ruby with young son Bear

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