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Rio in his cart

Rio AW(B)
(30th March 1998 to 6th April 2012)
Dad: Touchstone Ready Set Rev'm (Mario)
Mum: Bluefire's Little Madam (Madam)

Rio was our first Aussie boy and one could say that he is a bit lively, but that is what we wanted. We wanted a working dog and that is what we got. Rio was a big boy, but this has been to his advantage. He enjoyed all working events, some a little to much. For example his concentration sometimes get the better of him. Judges in obedience competitions has remarked "he has small moments of brilliance and other times his mind is elsewhere'. Having said that he did enjoy his agility and this is what we wanted him for. The upper picture on the left shows Rio competing in a novice agility event during 2003. Most of the time he competed well, but occasionally he was know to leave the ring and run into the pig's ear stall or after a squeeky toy.
Rio also liked other woking events, he obtained his first Newfoundland swimming certificate and the level 4 and level 5 Leonberger draught certificates. He also competed at the Bernese carting events and obtained a 3rd place (Scotland 2003). He was great with people and therefore was an excellent ambassidor for the carting events and parades that we coveed throughout the years (lower picture on the left).
He obtained his 'Gold Good Citizen' award (see below right) and was given an 'excellent' grade for his character assessment (see below left), click thumbnail images for a larger view and click the back button to return.

Rio obtained his AGILITY WARRENT Bronze AW(B) award September 2007
**** He was a great working dog who is sadly missed ****

Rio's Character Assessment     Rio's Gold Certificate     Rio's Agility Warrent

Rio's Big Event 2nd Place at the Supa Dogs Final 2005
Rio in the jumping final     Rio in the agility final     Rio at the prize presentation
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