Morgan's page
Morgan in the New Forest

(Born August 1995,
Died 21st Sept 2004)

Morgan was bread by Lynn Page (Halesbern) from Newkasbern Apollo of Halesbern (Paddy) and Newkasbern Gem. His father Paddy was a large dog and we wanted a similar dog for carting. Unfortunately this never quiet worked out for us as Morgan did not take too kindly to working events. So instead he was our biggest cuddle, if you are ever fed up and need some comfort then Morgan was the dog for this. He was great with the puppies that we have had, the background picture on this page show Morgan with Remy as a pup (See also the thumbnails below). His biggest success was winning a cup for the 'Dog Wardens Favourite' at the New Malden exemption show. He came running back all excited about this and had to have some additional treats. Morgan was a loyal friend and a very good house dog, but most of all he was a true mate and a great comfort. He died after suffering from epilepsy for several months. We miss him greatly, our big boy, he is at peace now and in no more pain.

Morgan and Remy   Morgan head picture   Morgan and Susie  

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