Jay's Web page

(19th November 1994 to 1st October 2012)

Dad: Accra Whybe Doodle (Sonny)
Mum: Accra Ginger Daisey (Zie)

Jay is our first Aussie and we picked her up when she was 7 weeks old from the breeders, Paul and Ruth in Suffolk. We wanted a dog to do agility with and from an early age she showed excellent potential. Initially she did very well in the show ring, but it soon became apparent that she enjoyed all working aspects. She was introduced to obedience, working trials, agility and draught work. Yes she sometimes thinks that she is a Bernese when it comes to carting, as the picture below shows (please click for a larger view).

Jay in her cart

She took part in many carting events over the years including training with the Leonbergers where she passed her Level 4 and Level 5 draught tests. She also competed on the Bernese carting course at advanced level and passed with some success.
She attended many charity events with her cart over the years and was always happy to carry out various tricks in the main ring.
Best of all Jay loved her agility where she obtained many places at open show events. When she saw a course set up she immediately woke up and started getting excited. The background picture shows Jay competing on a Novice agility course.
Jay was a holder of the 'Gold Good Citizen' award and has achieved an 'excellent' score for her temperament test.
She passed away on the 1st October 2012 just a few weeks short of her 18th birthday
She is greatly missed but at peace now - always in our hearts.
Goodbye old friend