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Bailey on the Agility course

Bailey with his cart

(March 1996 - January 2007)


Buganeezee Lochnivar at Bernavia


Karchibach Tia Maria of Carabaz

Bailey was the son of Tia, he was originally sold as a pet, but was returned to us after two weeks. When he returned we said that he was not going anywhere else he would always be part of our family. From an early age Bailey showed promise at everything he tried. He had minor success in the show ring and stated obedience training with the Metrolpolitan Police Dog handlers. He started carting as a brace first with Ruddles (and they won the best carting turnout parade at the BGB Club working day in 1997) and with Tia his mum. Finally he took up agility (the pictures on the left show he competing at the 'Supa Dogs Agility Show' in 2003 when he was 7). Bailey achieved many awards during his long working life, these include: Advanced Carting Certificate, Good Citizens Gold Award, Gold Medal Carting Medals in 2001 and 2002 (taking over from his mum), top Working Dog at both GB Club events and Southern Club events, he also qualified for Crufts in 2002. He still likes to compete and has just passed the level 4 and level 5 Leonberger draught tests. A great working dog who we truely miss. He was a great son of Tia and this shows in his temperament, enthusiasm and eating habits.

Bess out for a walk

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