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28-10-2005 to 28-07-2017

Dad: Tickbern Craftsman (Philip)
Mum: Kernow Hilo Hattie at Carabaz (Remy)

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Asti playing with Dixie

Asti with Mum and Bailey
Asti at play running

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Asti Asti and Mum Remy

Asti proved to be a great working dog over the whole of her life
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Asti and Ruby Asti carting in 2010

Here she is seen with her mum Remy (left) and working her cart (click for a larger view)

Asti and Mum Remy Asti Carting at the GB Club

Asti was a true working dog

Asti was an excellent working dog
She has obtained Bronze, Silver and Gold Carting awards
Taken part in many agility events
Obtained the Gold Good Citizens Award
Been best working dog at both the GB and Southern Club events
and represented the breed at many events containing cart displays.

Asti with Ruddles Beer Cart

Asti - Ruddles Beer Cart

Asti in Wimbledon Common

Asti Relaxing on Wimbledon Common

Asti with her 2014 Carting Awards

Asti - 2014 Carting Awards

Asti carting with mum Remy

Asti Carting in Scotland with mum Remy

****** Asti in Action ******

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